In search of the best BBQ?     

Check out why people choose this fantastic barbecue. Discover it youself!


This charcoal barbecue is designed by Patrick Gonsaeles and was baptized “Barbekon”. It’s handmade by Dewekon Engineering. 

Barbekon is made from 100 % stainless steel which makes it extremely durable.

The innovation of this barbecue is in its stepless adjustable grid, the charcoal scuttle and the ash tray. Its unique feature is the built-in quickstart system.

BARBEKON is a top class and extremely solid charcoal barbecue.

It meets the wishes and demands of professional chefs, caterers, butchers and private barbecue enthusiasts.  

It’s a sleek design makes it the eye catcher on first sight , it suits any garden or patio, any occasion, event or party !

Ingenious & unique in the world of BBQ. Fantastic for everyone  ! 

This barbecue has a built-in quick-start system which spreads the oxygen equally over the entire charcoal surface:

  • Charcoals of a lower quality or from last season can no longer spoil the BBQ fun.
  • This barbecue is ready for grilling within 15 minutes, down to every corner of the grill.

 (some pictures a client send us: check out the time he started his barbekon till the time his steak was well done.)

The Barbekon allows a stepless height alignment of the grid, charcoal scuttle and ashtray.  This allows you to create unequalled precision in the distance between grid and charcoal:

  • Burnt food or flames are thus a thing of the past.
  • You will always achieve the perfect cuisson without having to stay permanently at the BBQ.
  • Slow cooking at exact temperatures is perfectly possible.
  • Slow smoking is possible by means of an optional smoke lid with temperature gauge and airstream control.

Barbekon enables you to use two grid units on top of the each at any height you desire:

  • This gives the top grill an ideal warming function.
  • The working surface doubles for the same amount of charcoal.
  • You can turn the grill sideways for presenting or serving of the food.

While cooking, the ashtray can easily be emptied.


BBQ-BARBEKON grills can never bend since every tube can freely expand in its frame. The tubes are also made of stainless steel, but are hollow to reduce the weight.

100% stainless steel, customised to your needs, and all handmade! 


Personalise your BARBEKON

and add a touch of PURE CLASS:  ask for a laser inscription of your name, personalised text, company name or logo at the front of your BARBEKON. 

Ideal as a gift or as a nice publicity.  

Technical demands can be achieved to your satisfaction:      Electrolytic polishing (gives a superb brilliance to the steel), enlarge or reduce the standard grill units, ...

Less cleaning = more leisure time!   Let our custom made stainless steel tank do the work for you!  Barbekon grills also fit any dishwasher!

All parts of Barbekon are detachable for easy transport or practical storage.

Expand your barbecue with some practical, very specific parts: 

  • Every unit can be provided with a windscreen and an extra grill.
  • A service table on the front can be used as a hotplate table.
  • Multiple grill units, side tables, windscreens……


the charcoal BBQ rediscovered!

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BARBEKON is sold across the world! We deliver the BBQ devices totally free in West Flanders , East Flanders , Antwerp and Brussels. We will send the BBQ via a carrier , against payment, to Flemish Brabant, Walloon Brabant , Hainaut, Limburg, Namur, Liege, Luxembourg and abroad .